Selecting kitchen remodel design styles and determining kitchen remodeling cost.

What does kitchen remodeling cost?

You are ready for a new kitchen, but what does a kitchen remodeling cost?  You and your kitchen are on the outs. It’s just not working for you. There may be little storage, poor counter space, doors not operating, or missing hardware; or maybe you just don’t like the style of those dated cabinets.

Most homeowners start penciling kitchen remodeling cost with the biggest elements:

  1. Cabinets
  2. Counters
  3. Backsplash
  4. Faucet

Remodeling conversations start here, however, they don’t end here. There are many other items that will be a part of your total remodeling budget.

Following is the rest of the list that you must consider:

  1. Sink - what type of sink would you like? Undermount, drop-in, stainless, divided, copper, farmhouse?
  1. Garbage disposal
  1. Under cabinet lighting - is there existing wiring, or will new wiring be necessary for the upgrade? Do you want LED?
  1. Pendant lighting over an island (electrical work plus the cost of the fixture)
  1. Overhead and accent lighting
  1. Electrical outlets and switches being relocated, added, or upgraded
  1. Plumbing Relocation
  1. Stove vent being relocated or added
  1. Drywall repairs
  1. Painting
  1. Permits
  1. Demo
  1. Dumpster rental
  1. Project management
  1. Design
  1. Appliances
  1. Cabinet Hardware

When you begin the process of  kitchen remodeling, the best approach is to plan well in advance before the demo begins. With proper planning you should have a clear idea of your kitchen remodeling cost to determine the total investment needed for completing your kitchen remodel without financial surprises.

To gain a better understanding of the cost associated with your remodel, give us a call. NC Custom Builder provides free initial estimates for your kitchen remodeling projects.